Australia Economic Strategy Report Australia Economic
Strategy Report
Chapter 1

Macroeconomic overview

The Australian Capital Territory is the federal territory of Australia, housing the country’s capital city of Canberra. The territory is enclaved within the state of New South Wales. A large proportion of the territory’s economy is concentrated in Canberra and is driven by the services sectors, particularly in the administration of federal and local governments. Several important federal institutions such as the Parliament of Australia, High Court of Australia, the Australian defence force army, Australian War Memorial etc are situated in ACT.

Education is the largest service export sector. ACT is one of the top places for collaborative R&D, given the presence of several education institutions such as the Australian National University, the University of Canberra, etc.

Canberra provides significant investment opportunities to investors. Moreover, the recent developments on its Smart City infrastructure, airport and its already established high-quality educational infrastructure make a strong case for investment potential. Furthermore, the Government is also supporting investments in space, satellite technologies, defence and cyber security, renewable energy, digital economy, healthcare and sport science, higher education and tourism infrastructure.58

The Government of Australia has laid out Canberra’s International Engagement Strategy to provide global recognition to Canberra’s potential as an international city.59 This Strategy recognizes opportunities with India in the fields of education, tourism, ICT, health and sport science. It also seeks to resolve trade barriers to facilitate exports from Australia to India and increase investments into Australia.

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